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Shout out your dreams to the world, don’t keep them to yourself!

A few months back, I came across a very interesting article about a man who had decided to share his dreams with the world...first by writing them down systematically over a piece of paper and sharing it with his friends and acquaintances.

Then via a book he wrote about all he wanted to achieve in his life.

And then he went bigger: he shared that over the social media...constantly, as his dreams evolved and changed.

He is convinced that this is the only way to make sure that they do not only stay dreams.

He has experienced that some people are actually happy to help you take a step towards that dream if they can…and this is via the people you meet that slowly, your dream becomes a project that can be realized.

But often you see, we are ashamed of our dreams...or let’s put it another way: we are ashamed to share them because we dread people’s reaction and judgement.

They will think that you are a dreamer with no sense of reality.

They will think that you are absolutely not qualified to do what you dream to do.

They will think that this version of you who is trying to follow this dream is actually a version of you who has « lost it ».

They will think............always.

Because this is what people do.

Can you stop them to have an opinion? No.

But when we pay too much attention to these opinions, we actually give them power to kill our motivation and will to pursue that dream.

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to sense these judgements when we are talking about something we feel passionate about.

It takes courage and strength to ignore them and keep going, no matter what!

So let me tell you about me.

I gathered my courage and I did the same thing as this man I told you about at the beginning of this article.

I shared my dreams with whomever wanted to hear about it…and the result I got is amazing.

This dream of mine is actually becoming true!

I will share some more about that once things have settled since I am at the beginning of this process…but I can say today that it has worked for me.

So why not for you?

Bye for now.

Bouss bouss


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